Dhaval Chodvadiya Digital Marketing Consultant

The visionary behind

Digital Khichdi

Once upon a time, there was a young man who didn’t even have his own computer. But today, he is the owner of a digital marketing company  namely Digital Khichdi. Despite facing many challenges, Dhaval Chodvadiya from Surat never gave up and worked hard to move forward. Dhaval and his team can help your business and career reach new heights by working diligently and achieving remarkable success in your endeavours.

Difficult times come to teach us something important. Only wise people understand the lessons they bring. If you work hard and believe in yourself during tough times, you’ll have a bright future. But if you waste time trying to manipulate luck, you’ll face endless problems.

Dhaval had been struggling with his life’s hardships. Due to financial difficulties, he started working alongside his studies at B.Com college. From morning to afternoon, he focused on his studies, and from afternoon to late night, he worked. This cycle of intense hard work continued for two years.

In a company that organizes industrial fairs and events, Dhaval worked as a Call Center and Digital Marketing handler. While working, he realized the importance of digital marketing. In the year 2010, Dhaval learned Google search engine optimization and ventured into the field of digital marketing.

Dhaval estimated that the future would belong to digital marketing, so he decided to start his own business. However, he lacked the money or space to even have his own computer. Undeterred, Dhaval started searching for opportunities. He found his cousin’s office in Surat and asked him, “Can you let me work for two to three hours in your office? I will need your computer as well.” With his family’s support, he began his venture.

At the beginning, he used to visit various industry professionals, introducing them to his services. Gradually, his client base grew. He established his digital marketing venture, and today, he has his own office with ten employees and numerous satisfied customers.

After analyzing the data, Dhaval advised a doctor from Surat that your videos are watched more by people in Ahmedabad than in Surat. You should organize health checkup camp in Ahmedabad due to more audience. Taking this advice, the doctor organized camps in various cities. Today there are 8 branches of the doctor.

In today’s era, it is not possible to sustain or grow a business without digital marketing. Dhaval Chodvadiya, the founder of Digital Khichadi, started his journey by learning social media marketing in his mother tongue, Gujarati, as his first-ever course.

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