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What inside this course?

– What is Marketing?
– How We Do Marketing?
– What is Digital Marketing?
– Digital Marketing Platforms and Strategies
– Digital Marketing Vs Traditional Marketing
– Inbound Marketing Vs Outbound Marketing
– Defining Marketing Goals
– Latest Digital Advertising Trends
– Case Studies of Digital Campaigns
– What is Social Media Optimization?
– SMO vs SMM
– Benefits of Using SMM
– Social Media Statistics
– Why Use Social Media Marketing
– Social Media Strategy Dimensions in Posts
– SMO Analysis or Audit Reports

– How to Create a Design from Scratch Using Canva
– Quick Tips to Make Your Designs Look Good
– How to Choose the Dimensions for Your Design
– How to Create a Background for Your Design
– How to Add Text, Images and More
– How to Design Images for Social Media Posting

Facebook Organic Marketing
– Facebook Account Setup
– Personal Account Properties
– Facebook Marketing Strategy
-Competition Analysis
– Facebook Business Page Setup
– Types of Business Pages
– Cover Photo Designing
– Increase the Likes to Page
– Page Management Options
– Types of Posts and Statistics
– Dimension in Post
– Creative Posts Strategy
– User Engagement Metrics
– Facebook Group
– Facebook Marketplace
– Meta Business Suite
– Facebook Business Manager
Facebook Paid Advertising
– Introduction to Facebook Advertising
– Types of Promotions
– Audience Targeting
– Advanced Audience Targeting
– Bidding Strategies
– Ad Format
– Ad Dimensions and Rules
– Reporting and Analysis

Instagram Organic Marketing
– Instagram Overview
– Instagram Business And Creator Account Setup
– Instagram Content Creation Strategies
– Instagram Reels Mastery
– Instagram Viral Content Strategies
– Instagram Analytics
– Building Brands Using Instagram
– Instagram Monetization
– Becoming Influencer On Instagram
– Paid Promotion Strategies On Instagram
Instagram Paid Advertising
– Introduction to Instagram Advertising
– Types of Promotions
– Audience Targeting
– Advanced Audience Targeting
– Bidding Strategies
– Ad Format
– Ad Dimensions and Rules

Linkedin Organic Marketing
– Benefits of Linkedin Network
– Create a Linkedin Profile
– Optimizing the Profile
– Recommendations in Linkedin
– Creating New Connections
– Creating Company Page
– Creating Showcase Page
– Customization of Page
– Posting Content in the Page
– Linkedin Groups
– Finding Jobs in Linkedin
Linkedin Paid Advertising
– Introduction to Linkedin Ads.
– Types of Promotions
– Types of Promotions
– How to Use Filters in Linkedin
– Audience Targeting
– Advanced Audience Targeting
– Bidding Strategies
– Ad Format
– Ad Dimensions and Rules

– Introduction to Search Engine Paid Marketing
– Google Ads Account Setup
– Interface Tour and Billing Setting
– Account Structure
– Campaign Setting
– Ad Group Setup
– Keyword Research Tools
– Keyword Match Setup
– Understanding Ad Auction
– What Is Quality Score
– Types of Bidding in AdWords
– Ad Formats
– Ad Guidelines
– Ad Extensions
– Smart Campaign Management

How Display Ads Works
– Benefits of Display Advertising
– Creating a Display Campaign Bidding Strategies
– Targeting Option in Display Network
– Calculating ROI

– Importance of Video Marketing
– Create a Video Campaign
– Location Targeting
– Bidding Strategies
– Creating Targeting Groups
– Targeting Options in Video Ads
– Types of Ad Formats
– Measuring the Results of Campaign

– Introduction to Search Engines
– How Does Search Engine Work?
– Components of Search Engine.
– Google Algorithm.
– Panda Algorithm
– Penguin Algorithm
– Humming Bird Algorithm
– Pigeon Algorithm
– Latest Google Updates (BERT, Rank Brain, EAT)
Keyword Research and Competition
– Introduction to Keyword Research.
– Types of Key Phrases
– Keyword Studies Methodology
– Business Analysis & Categorization
– Google Keyword Planner
– Google Trends
– Market Research & Analysis
– New Keyword Ideas
– Competition Analysis
– Finalizing the Keyword List

– Introduction to On-Page
– On-Page Analysis Methodology
– Fundamental On-Page Factors [Heading Tag, Alt Tag, lmage Tag, Etc.]
– Meta Tag Optimization
– Meta Tags Creation
– Sitemap and Its Types
– Url Optimization
– Canonical Tags
– Redirection Techniques
– Robots.txt
– SSI Certificates and Its Types
– Domain Call in SEO.
– Step by Step Implementation of Every On-Page Factor on Every Page
– SEO Analysis or Audit Reports
– Website Speed & Its Tools
-Schema Markup



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